Welcome to Driving To Russia

The purpose of this site is to introduce my adventures by car, from Italy to Russia, with the goal in the next years, of seeing as many corners of this country, to find out more about the culture, the people and to prove that with the help of social networks, it is possible to this with very limited costs. Via Facebook, Blog, Twitter and YouTube you will be able to follow the journeys in detail, watch the videos and see the photos. Driving To Russia...live the Dream!

Driving to Russia 2013 (Spring 2013)
Saint Petersburg - Kiev - Odessa - Mykolaiv

The third journey was very short, a quick vist of Saint Petersburg in Russia, Kiev, Odessa and Mykolaiv in Ukrain by plane. I had not enough time to travel by car. Anyway the visit of Odessa and Mykolaiv was very interesting and finally I had the opportunity to travel with the Marshrutka in Ukraine.

We are now busy planning the next 2014 Journey which will be something very interesting as you can see from the title in the banner!

Driving to Russia 2012 (30 May - 21 Jun 2012)
Rome - Budapest - Kiev - Saint Petersburg - Murmansk - Voronezh - Kirovograd - Rome

The second adventure was amazing especially in the northern part of Russia, with 24 hours light, visiting unusual places like Nikel, Pachenga, Zapoliarna and most important Dalnie Zelentsy on the Barents Sea, 200 km east of Murmansk where no other Italians have been before!


It is now time to think about the next adventure for 2013, follow me in Facebook for the latest updates.

The total KMs were 14114 across 6 countries: Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Slovakia

Driving to Russia 2011 (09 Set - 03 Oct 2011)
Rome - Kirkenes - Murmansk - Moscow - Voronezh - Krasnodar - Sochi - Rome

The first adventure was a great experience, from which I have learnt a lot and it was useful for planning the next adventure. I made many mistakes and errors both before and during the journey, in part due to inexperience, in part due to lack of knowledge of the roads and the distances which are really huge.

In total I crossed 14 countries. Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Slovenia.

I travelled 13837 KM, going through all types of roads imaginable as well as scenery which was completely different, a great adventure which gave me the possibility to know a different reality about Russia, from Murmansk, the biggest town above the Arctic Circle to Sochi where Asia and Europe meet, passing through Saint Petersburg and Moscow which were completely different to the rest of the country.

Driving to Russia 2012 from Italy to Ukraine via Voronezh to Perm to Ekaterinburg
Driving to Moscow in Facebook  Driving to Kazan in Twitter  Andare a Voronezh

driving from Murmansk to Sochi. Border Russia and Norway