Meet the Man and the Machine

The Man

I have always had a passion for long journeys by car. One day I realized that the best part of a holiday for me, was the preparation for the car trip, driving to the destination and driving back home again! The part that I enjoyed the least, was the part in between ……… the actual holiday! With this in mind I wanted to complete a “journey” where I could drive all the time and see different places each day, without stopping anywhere for more than 2 nights.

The idea was born in the winter of 2008 after seeing a TV programme which gave me the inspiration to create my first real adventure by car. A dream that after more than three years has become a reality (2011) and that started the beginning of a series of adventures across Russia.

The Machine

Direct inheritor to the 70-series Landcruiser, global work-horse of 1980s-90s, The Driving to Russia Landcruiser 90-series is a 2001, 3.0 Common Rail Diesel Injector  No modification will be done to the car just an extra battery and an inverter will be installed. During the journey, the Landcruiser will use over 1,500 litres of petrol

The Vehicle is original without any modifications. I have only added an extra battery and inverter.

Vehicle Preparation 2011

Driving from Voronezh to Sochi

Driving to Russia 2012 from Italy to Russia via Budapest to Ekaterinburg in the Ural
Driving to Murmansk form Kirkenes 
Driving from Voronezh to Sochi